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One of the best features of our site is the ability for you to book your riad with a real, live person. We have done this for two reasons:

  1. For You: How many times have you been to a tourism/booking website and walked away with questions that the site didn't answer for you? For us it has been hundreds of times. How much more is that true for planning travel to a land like Morocco.When you book automatically through a computer, you can never ask the situation dependant questions that you always have. We have set up Riad Reviews booking to allow you to speak to a person, ask your specific questions, and then have them take care of all your needs. We are here to serve you. All for the same low price, automated booking websites offer.
  2. For Riads: The beautiful thing about riads in Morocco is that they come in all shapes and sizes (and tech know-how :). Some riads take credit cards, others do not, some do online booking, others still work out of an old paper journal. That is the beauty of the riad! As we say, they are a million miles away from the cookie-cutter chain hotel. By handling booking with a real, live, breathing person, we allow riads the opportunity to connect with clients in a way that all of them are able to participate in.

To use this feature, just find the riad you are interested in and click the link to book. Feel free to ask your questions or make inquiries about bookings or packages.