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Riad Owners-Why Use Us? | Maisons d’hôtes: Pourquoi nous utiliser ?

Riad Owners-Why Use Us?

This Season's Potential Tourists are Searching...  The Home Page Listing (HPL) cycle renewing each September.  Looking forward to a great 2019-2020 Tourist Season! See below!

The National Travel Monitor reported that 69% of tourists use the internet to plan some aspect of their travel.  Now, in 2019, we estimate that 95% of the tourist coming to Morocco use the internet to arrange their travel.

The European Travel Commission reports a survey showed that that 88% of survey participants rated search engine results as being more trusted than the opinion of family, friends or travel agents.

"I know, I know, I have a site, I'm paying for SEO...

...Our Facebook page is excellent, we're with a few travel agency websites, portals and also TripAdvisor." All those things are great.  But it is not enough just to have your name out there. All these searching tourists are looking for a few particular things as they make their decision.

Are You Giving the Tourists What They are Looking for?

Tourists want traveler reviews: 91% of internet users voted customer reviews as the #1 aid in making a buying decision. This is clear when you look at a site like TripAdvisor and see how it is averaging 7,000,000 new reviews a year. If this high a percentage of people are using customer reviews as their number one buying aid (even with all its flaws), its important for you to be advertized with customer reviews. 

Tourists want search: The most important feature on a site is the ability to search quickly and effectively. And this is not referring to Google and SEO. When people are on a website, like amazon.co.uk, they want to be able to find the specific information they are looking for quickly. In today's world no one wants to spend hours wading through the pages in a site trying to find their desired result. The beauty of Amazon is that if you are looking for a historical fiction book on the Roman Empire, with a click of the mouse you can see all the books that fit that description. Why would you advertise yourself on a site where people couldn't search the same way for you?  

Tourists want questions answered: Online businesses lose as much as 67% of their business because of lack of product information available online. How many times have you gone to purchase something online and stopped because you couldn't get your specific question answered? How much more is this true when we talk about people coming to a new culture like Morocco? Why would you advertise in such a way that didn't allow people to contact you directly? Why would you want to lose as much as 67% of your business?

What RiadReviews.com means to you:

...A platform to show potential tourists your traveler reviews. Tourists will be able to find the most crucial piece of information they are looking for in planning their trip: Your traveler reviews.

...Ability to be differentiated from other riads based off your amenities, service and style. Because RiadReviews allows tourists to search based off of over 50 criteria, now the tourists that are looking for a riad with your amenities, your services and your style will be able to actually find you. You can stand apart from the crowd!

...Increase your conversion rate and receive FREE RESERVATION REQUESTS!  Our interaction with tourists for 10 years, since 2008, has taught us that tourists want to GO DIRECT and talk with you, the riad.  As of Nov. 2010 we dropped our 20% commission and our site sends the tourist directly to you.  You control the converstaion.  You do what you are great at - offering world class hosptiality.  You can offer other money making services such as meals and other travel services...and keep 100% of the total reservation!!!

HOW TO REGISTER YOUR RIAD?  One-Time Membership Fee

Currently we are ranking well on search engines like Google for the most important key words in English.  This means that if you place your property on our site, you have another opportunity to be found by tourists using our site.  We are different.  Facebook gives free social networking.  Now, we offer free reservation requests.  Tourists contact you directly - FOR FREE (for them and for you).  To take advantage of this option, you must allow us to register your riad on our site. 

The one-time fee to register includes:

  •  posting your riad pictures (10 general view + 5 for each room)
  •  entering your riad description (in French and English - we will translate your profile into English - its our first language!),
  •  free reservation requests.  This allows you to keep 100% of your reservation.  Amazing!!! 

The one-time registration fee is 200 Euros. 

Let us send you our terms and conditions and more information.  Just click here or call us at +212 (0) 662 76 30 93.

Want More Free Reservation Requests? Try Our Home Page Listing (HPL)

Why did we create the Home Page Listing (HPL)?  Well, our Google analytics tells us 60-75% of tourists select riads listed on the home page.  Also, tourists directly ask us to choose a good riad for them.  To give a select group of riads a better opportunity to get more free reservation requests, we now reserve 6 spots on the right-hand column of our home page called "RiadReviews Recommends."  Riads, in good standing, now can place their riad in the midst of our best traffic   We require a 6 month contact and a discounted rate of 40 Euros per month.  

However, we are currently running a special for the upcoming Tourism cycle:  We pay the tax and you save 40 Euros. Total cost for the HPL is 240 Euros for the 6 month period. 

Click here for more information on the Home Page Listing.