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About RiadReviews.com

Hello! The internet landscape for Morocco (and especially that about tourism) is spotty at best. The sites that exist are either international in scope (think TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, etc) and therefore not customized to Morocco, or are travel agencies representing a limited number of properties in Morocco.

While we appreciate and support both the efforts on the international websites and the travel agencies, we would like to offer something different and useful to tourists coming to Morocco.  Additionally, many tourists throught the years have asked us to help direct them to some of the best riads in each category of comfort, so we created the "LET US HELP" option for those staying more than 4 nights.  Also, from our home page, we have the "RiadReviews Recommends" column which displays our recommendations based off of location, English speaking ability of the staff, and service.  

Riad Reviews is...

... The world's best online Moroccan riad resource.

... By far, the most complete listing of all the official (registered) riads, dars, villas and kasbahs in Morocco. Now you don't have to spend hours upon hours trying to surf from site to site to find a comprehensive look at riads.

... The ultimate riad guide designed specifically to the characteristics of Moroccan riads (see the amenity search). We are locally based (Rabat, Morocco). We know what it is like, as foreigners (we are Canadians and Americans), to travel in Morocco so we have tried to create a tool for you to get the honest information you need.

... The voice of the traveller, revealing honest and current feedback, through customer reviews, so that you can find the riad that fits what you are looking for.

... Allowing riads their own place to compete based soley on our customer review scores.

... Offering a best price guarantee so you can relax and invest your time in getting the best info for your travel instead of searching timelessly for a better price.  Because we are local, we do the work for you.   

... A absolutely free service for you - and for the riad.   We make a small percentage from the LET US HELP bookings because riads give us a discounted, "wholesale"  price.  You get the same price from the riad whether you use us or not!  So, why not let us help you and save you time and money - and you can lean on our expertise as an international, on-site team here in Morocco.    

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If you have any questions about us, or our services, you can reach us by visiting the Contact Us page.